Minnetonka Christian Academy provides a financial aid program and need-based church assistance. In order to receive financial aid, you must fully complete the admissions and financial aid process before the first day of school.


The application fee covers fixed and variable costs such as: admission expenses, a portion of field trips, yearbooks, technology, textbooks, and general supplies. Registration fees are non-refundable, apply to both days off and snow days, and reserve your child's place in the classroom.  



Early Registration: families who submit their application and registration fee by a certain deadline will receive a discount per child (please see chart for details).

Full Tuition Payment Discount: families who pay for full tuition prior to first day of school will receive a 5% discount off full tuition payment. 

Multi-Student Discount: families with more than one student enrolled at MCA will receive $250 in yearly discount for each additional child. 

Referral Discount: Families who refer another student, and that student enrolls at MCA will receive $100 off tuition.

An investment in Minnetonka Christian Academy education is an investment in excellence. It is an investment in the future of a child, our community and our church.

2021-2022 TUITION & FEES

Student Financial Information


Nine-Month Payment Plan: a nine-month payment plan with monthly payments due from September 1st through May 1st. Payment is due no later than by the 10th of each month.

There are several ways of paying including automatic bank draft, credit/debit card, or pay online through our website.

To set up a payment plan, please schedule an appointment with the business manager. 


MCA Outreach Assistance: Minnetonka Christian Academy will provide tuition assistance to families in need. For more information, please contact the school office and ask for the Financial Aid Application.

Church Matching Assistance: Minnetonka Christian Academy will match $250 in tuition aid from a non-constituent church. For more information, please contact the business manager. 

Minnetonka Seventh-day Adventist Church Assistance: Families in need who are members of the Minnetonka SDA Church may receive financial assistance. For more information, please fill out the Financial Aid Application.



MCA's financial assistance program provides the opportunity for admitted students whose families need financial assistance. Please contact the director of finance for all financial forms.