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At Minnetonka Christian Academy, we believe in helping students develop the ability to practice perseverance, develop creativity, and understand that ideas can be expressed in more than just words. Students in grades Pre-K through 10th participate in art, music and physical education with staff members who specialize in those areas.

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Art is an essential part of education. Guided by an experienced teacher, art classes promote exploration and self-expression through various media and styles. Students in Pre-K through 10th grade work with drawing, painting, printmaking, and various sculpture mediums. Inspiration is drawn from the work of famous artists and cultural art forms. Student work is proudly displayed throughout the MCA gallery.


Students attend music class twice a week. Instruction in singing, movement and instruments guides students through exploration and composition. Students in Pre-K through 10th grade perform several times a year during service at Minnetonka Seventh-day Adventist Church. When students move to grades five through ninth, they continue their music coursework in choir or band. 


Students in Pre-K through 10th grade participate in physical education several times a week. Teachers engage, instruct, and encourage each student in the areas of physical fitness, basic skill development, sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, problem-solving, creativity, and positive leadership.

“I love teaching art and seeing what students create."


—  Mrs. Elmer, Art Teacher

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