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Volunteering at Minnetonka Christian Academy is a wonderful way to reconnect with school and share your expertise with current students. Please make sure to complete the Verified Volunteer background check and child protection training before volunteering at MCA.  

Below are a number of ways that you can volunteer at school. If you have questions about volunteering or would like to chaperone during a field trip, please contact our school office.

Home and school association

The goals of the Home and School Association are to promote Christian education and foster a cooperative relationship between the home and the school. The Home and School Association plan and organize events that offer opportunity for parents, students and teachers to mingle informally and better gain an appreciation for one another. Parents, relatives and/or friends are welcome to be a part of this committee.

AREAS to volunteer



Office Work

Home and School Association

School Events


Field Trips

Verified Volunteer

In order to ensure the utmost safety for our students, every volunteer must complete the Verified Volunteer background check and child protection training online at The background check and training is free of charge and will take about 30 minutes to complete. A certificate of completion should be printed and submitted to the school office. This background check takes approximately two weeks to process and is good for three years. For more information about Verified Volunteers, download FAQ Child Protection Screening document.  


In addition, volunteer drivers must submit to the school office a copy of driver's license and proof of insurance with attached declaration page of the policy (minimum $250,000/$500,000 bodily injury liability).   7-433-0914. These must be completed each year.


  1. Click on "First-Time Registrant"

  2. Select Union: Mid-America

  3. Select Conference: Minnesota Conference

  4. Create an user ID and password

  5. Fill out requested information

  6. Select school location: Minnetonka Christian Academy

  7. Select volunteer role

  8. Click on "Child Protection Online Awareness Session"

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